photo of Andy Davis and his family - wife plus four children
Work isn’t work when you’re having fun. Over the past 10 years plumbing life has had me on a course to be independent. It all started when I moved to the Pacific NW with the intention of continuing in the masonry trade, but that line of work was slow at the time and I was fortunately offered a plumbing job at a local small business. Over the first 4 years, I gained knowledge in service, residential plumbing, and commercial plumbing. Being well rounded in the trade has helped me immensely ever since. I was offered an estimating position at a larger commercial plumbing company and learned the ins and outs over the next 4 years. I decided to switch jobs when the economy was at its worst and ended up at another commercial plumbing and HVAC company and have spent 3 years in the project management position as well as a year and a half as the operations manager. All this experience coupled with my desire to learn and always improve has led me to start a business with a good friend of mine of many years, and we have been having fun learning and tweaking our systems. I am a father of 4 children of whom I love spending as much time as possible with them, and enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of the Pacific NW.