An animated image of a plumber carrying his tool box and getting ready to go out to provide service to clients.

Tips from your Plumber for Parents

Great Plumbing Tips for Parents

Parents have a lot on their minds. Not only are they usually working to provide for their families, but they are taking care of their home and raising the next generation of adults. Tips for work-life balance, fast, healthy dinner prep ideas and the one-million-and-one things you must do to raise happy, well-adjusted children can overwhelm us. Thankfully, these tips from your plumber are here to help you have less stress, rather than more.

An animated image of a plumber carrying his tool box and getting ready to go out to provide service to clients.

Use the trash can

Role model using the trash can rather than sinks or toilets for trash waste. Throw paper towels in the trash rather than flushing them. Discard fruit peels, egg shells, and leftovers rather than feeding them to the garbage disposal. This will reduce the chance of clogs and a visit from the plumber.

Use less paper

This is a biggie for parents who are always dealing with an overflowing toilet. Using too much toilet paper has been a complaint of parents for years. Demonstrate the proper amount to use and your plumber suggests you stick to non-ultra or non-plush toilet paper varieties as they tend to be more clog creating.

Never flush anything but potty waste

Teach kids that while they may be fun to flush, toys should never go in the toilet. Plastic figurines, toy cars, and even toothbrushes can catch in the toilet and prevent anything going after them to pass through. This results in a back-up and may require the toilet being pulled from the floor in order to get the lodged item out.

Adjust the heat

Burns from hot water can be prevented. Turn the temperature down on your water heater and install devices that lock the faucet from being turned too hot for young children. If you don’t know how to do this, talk to your plumber who can. Be sure there are stools near faucets that children use so they can properly wash and adjust the water pressure and heat without slipping.

Don’t shove

Let kids know they should never shove anything into sink or bathtub drain pipes. Washcloths, sponges, toys, and more seem to be irresistible for children to jam into drain pipes. Leftovers may also get shoved into the kitchen sink or other items pushed into accessible floor drains. Teach them “no shoving”.

Keep water contained

An overfull bathtub or sloppy shower can cause water to spill out and drip through flooring to ceilings below. The unseen water damages in such cases can include mold growth and structure damage. Kids should be keeping water in the tub. Check for legitimate leaks by drying the floor and placing squares of toilet paper in areas you suspect the leak. Return later, but before kiddos have used the bathroom and if you find a wet square, you have a leak. Call a service plumber for repairs.

HD Plumbing Services understands the hard job parents have and want to support you in the areas of plumbing and drains so you have less stress and more time with your family. If we can help in anyway, from clogs to leaks and water temperature or pressure issues, give us a call.

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