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When To Call A Plumber for a Toilet Repair

When To Call A Plumber for a Toilet Repair or Replacement

Toilet repairs are part of everyday life. Likely one of the most used appliances in our home, a toilet must be in good working order every day. Here are some common toilet repair concerns and whether you can do them yourself, or need to call a plumber.

Broken Ceramic

Some broken ceramic, such as a cracked top of the tank, is more aesthetic than critical. Others though, such as a crack in the tank itself or damage around the base that allows moisture, can be a big problem. Cracks that will allow water and moisture to accumulate is a big problem as mold and decay can wear away the floor, creating an unsafe condition.

In some cases, ceramic can be repaired, or only portions of the toilet can be replaced. If your local hardware store doesn’t have the needed replacement parts, it may be time to call a plumber.

animated figure of a plumber standing in the foreground with a bathtub and toilet behind him


Toilet repair for leaks is critical to address as soon as possible. A leaking tank can mean a bad seal that if left without repair, could cause flooding. Leaking at supply lines could be due to poor installation or the need to replaced damaged lines with new ones. Often, these lines will collect a great deal of condensation, which drip, appearing to be a leak, so check for rust or other damage before calling a plumber for the toilet repair.


Wobbling and leaking at the base of the toilet could be signs of a need for a new wax ring, or a issue with the stub. Pulling the toilet up to discover and access the problem is important to determine the cause of the instability. When pulling a toilet, it is best to call a plumber to reduce the chance of water damage or damage to the toilet itself.

Running Toilet

A running toilet can be a sign of damage to the internal tank parts of the toilet. Repairs here can be fairly easy to make depending on the type of toilet replacement parts needed. Hardware stores sell kits, but if they are beyond your capabilities, it is better to have a professional handle it, again, to prevent flooding.

Broken Toilet Seat

Broken toilet seat replacement is something that doesn’t require the specific expertise of a plumber and can be handled on your own, by a handyman, or even a helpful friend or neighbor. The important thing to know for this toilet repair is that you get the right size for your toilet. There are round and elongated toilet styles, and the seat must match.

Need for a New Toilet

You may be remodeling and want an toilet that is a better match stylistically, efficiency, or even for purpose, such as installing a taller, ADA style toilet. If you are simply adding a new toilet in place of another, you can do it yourself, if you have the strength and know-how. Otherwise, this is a task of a skilled plumber.

To add a new toilet where one never existed requires significant labor, likely permits, and a licensed plumber.

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